Island Adventures

The jet lag has got us getting up quite early here since we're 6 hours behind, but that worked to our advantage on our second full day on Moorea. The water was like glass in the morning and we spent a couple hours just watching all the fish beneath or bungalow. We even saw an eel! 

Then after breakfast we tried paddle boarding for the first time and got some great views of tree island from farther out. 

In the afternoon we decided to get off the resort and check out some local soda and a juice factory and distillery where we picked up some pineapple and multi fruit juice and some pineapple wine. 

Then, on our way to dinner we saw sharks circling the boardwalk below us.  Night swimming is eau more dangerous than we thought!

We have one more full day here in this tropical paradise and then we're of to the next leg of our adventure!

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